Hot guys with baby animals, just because

Aug 15, 2014 at 9:59 a.m. ET

We don't want to give too much away, but this article contains a picture of John Legend cuddling a puppy.

1. Mr. Gilles Marini


Let's get this thing started off right with Gilles Marini, shall we? Hi there, Gilles. You're looking flawless as ever. We quite like that baby chick as well.

2. Mr. Hipster Man


Coming in at number two, we have this hipster man and his tiny baby turtle. Hello, hipster man; hello, baby turtle. Hello, hello and hello again.

3. Mr. Farmer Dan


Moving right along, world... Meet Farmer Dan (real name). Farmer Dan looks right at home with his mini pigs. He also looks quite like Brandon Jenner, if you ask us. (This is a very good thing.) (If you ask us.)

4. Mr. Baby Goat


Next up we have a series of men and baby goats. It turns out baby goats bring out the best in hot guys, which was unexpected and welcome news to us.

5. Mr. Baby Goat #2


Evidence A.

6. Mr. Baby Goat #3


Evidence B.

7. Mr. Aaron Paul


Have we recovered from the baby goat feelings? All right then. Now we have Aaron Paul cuddling a puppy like the adorable man he is.

8. Mr. Puppy Dog


And here's a special bonus hot guy and puppy for you, just because we love you.

9. Mr. John Legend (finally)


Whew! You ready for this? Finally, finally we present the long-awaited John Legend photo. It's as good as promised, no?

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