7 Ways I love my dog more than I love my husband

Max is tall, dark, handsome and wildly in love with me. Max is my best friend. I can tell him all that’s in my heart and he eats it right up. And if Max wasn’t my dog, he’d be the perfect husband. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is an amazing mate and loves me like no other but there is something extra special about a dog’s love that surpasses a human relationship. Here are a few ways I love my dog more than my husband.

1. Happy homecomings are a sure thing

I am not intentionally tardy, but when I am, it is always my dog who greets me with a happy dance no matter how late I walk in the door. And I know this is true for most wives.

2. The smallest gifts are always appreciated with abandon

Even though my husband unfailingly shows gratitude when I give him a gift, he isn’t likely to throw himself on the floor to show his appreciation. But our furry friends certainly have no problem responding in shamelessly thankful ways that make us smile and warm our hearts.

3. Canines get excited when you get excited

Whether I’m giddy over finding the perfect sports bra or jumping for joy over a friend’s engagement, my dog never responds with a lack of enthusiasm. Talk excitedly and your dog will share your excitement with lots of tongue- and tail-wagging.

4. Lack of help around the house is easily overlooked

When you find your dog piled up on the newly made bed while you’re sweating through a late morning of vacuuming the house, you’re more likely to give your pup a sweet hug than tell him to get up and grab a dust cloth. (Your husband probably doesn’t get off the hook as easily.)

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5. Dogs never turn down exercise

Dogs are ever eager to exercise, even if it involves funny poses or funky dance moves. Our husbands, perhaps, not so much. Upward dog, anyone?

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6. My dog loves to talk about his day

Though husbands may not share every thought and feeling, dogs are rarely at a loss for words.

7. Dogs love a sense of humor

I may not be a stand-up comedienne but you’d never know that by the way my dog loves to hear my jokes. If your husband doesn’t get your sense of humor, share it with your pup.

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