Ridiculously funny cat fails even dog lovers will laugh at

If you need a quick refresh, you can’t go wrong with cat videos. Especially, when those videos include major fails.

Ragdoll Cat Casper

Photo credit: Alex Barlow/Moment/Getty images

Check out the funniest feline mishaps the internet has to offer all in one video. If you’re at work, think about turning down the volume because — for better or for worse — these cat fails are laugh-out-loud funny. But if you’re at home, gather the kids to watch this finny video with you. The guaranteed giggles are so worth the effort and will erase any guilt you might feel laughing at these funny cats.

While every single one of these cat fails is a funny win, our absolute favorite is the last one in the compilation, so giggle your way through to the very end — it’ll be so worth it, we promise.

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