Top 10 dog breeds that shed and drool

Mar 14, 2014 at 11:02 a.m. ET

If you're a clean freak looking for a dog that doesn't blanket you (or your home) with massive amounts of hair or freely flung saliva, these 10 messy dog breeds are not for you.




When you bring a Newfie into your home, you'll quickly find a new-found land of drool and hair. This lovable, huggable hairy beast flings saliva with abandon and won’t mind at all if you spend a good part of every day mopping up its goo.




The mournful-faced Mastiff is a shameless drooler that needs to have its mouth wiped frequently and its many wrinkles cleaned regularly. If you're used to carrying extra hand towels or baby wipes in your bag, you'll be prepared to manage your very own messy, gentle giant.




A well-known drool slinger, the Bloodhound will make you appreciate clean walls and slime-free clothing. This "slobberhound" has a ready arsenal of saliva due to its adorable deep lips and loose jowls. As a bonus, the super-sniffing canine sheds seasonally and will keep you busy sweeping up hair in the spring and fall.


Saint Bernard


Not only does the long coat and giant size of the Saint Bernard make it a shed monster, this iconically heroic dog has loose jowls that freely fling drool and food debris against any person, place or thing in its wake.


Great Pyrenees


Though this majestically large pup has a long coat that resists dirt and matting, the Great Pyrenees sheds year-round, making daily sweeping, vacuuming and "de-furring" the furniture a necessity if you're a neat freak. However, the large and loving heart of the Pyr will more than make up for its messiness.


Dogue de Bordeaux


Long known as the attention-getting dog that played Hooch in the 1989 film Turner and Hooch, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a hefty drooler and heavy shedder. Fortunately, this affectionate canine’s devotion and craving for companionship will make you (mostly) forget the extra housekeeping you’ll be doing.


Clumber Spaniel


Though the Clumber Spaniel is a true spaniel, you may easily mistake this large, cuddly pup as a cross between the shed monster Saint Bernard and the drool-slinging Bloodhound after you find yourself buried in a never-ending blanket of its hair and drool.


Siberian Husky


A year-round shedder, the gorgeous wolf-looking Husky will make you go wild with vacuuming abandon as it drops tuft after tuft of fur, especially during its seasonal sheddings.


German Shepherd


Referred to as the “German Shedder,” the German Shepherd has a thick coat that drops loads of hair all year long. This beautiful canine, which is often seen alongside law enforcement and military personnel, will effortlessly win your love and shedding tolerance with its devoted and protective nature.


Bernese Mountain Dog


A canine giant that sports an irresistibly long, lush coat, the Bernese Mountain Dog is unsurprisingly a hefty shedder. However, the Berner’s love for its family pack and need for human companionship will make up for this loving dog’s hairy mess.

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