What not to say to a cat owner

Mar 3, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Got a cat-lovin' friend? Show some respect and don't even go in these conversational directions.

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"I'm a dog person"

We're sorry you feel that way. But don't worry! We have a 12-step program to convert you.

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"Don't they shed a lot?"

Yes, just like dogs shed. Also, so do you. That's what they make lint rollers for, buddy! You're friends with a cat person now, so you can find these in most rooms of the house. If you're that anal-retentive, just give yourself a quick once-over before you leave. If you ask nicely and you're cute, we might even help!


"You're going on vacation? Who's watching your cat?"

Well, now you are. We're well aware that what you were trying to do was find out if we'd already cornered one of our other mutual friends, or if you should avoid taking our calls for the next week. Sadly for you (and luckily for us), we were looking for just such an occasion to pin you down for the job. Have fun with Snowball! And remember: She needs at least an hour of play every day.


"How many do you have?"

Just because we have one cat doesn't mean we'll end up with 12. Unless you take us to the Humane Society. Then all bets are off.

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"It smells really good in here"

Don't think we didn't notice that tone of surprise in your voice, jerk. You thought because we had a cat or two, you'd walk into a house that smelled like the inside of a litter box. The joke is on you. We use Arm and Hammer's clump and seal litter, which leaves our house smelling fresh for up to seven days. Can you say that about your gross, farting boyfriend?


"I'm allergic to cats"

Soooo, party at your house? We're curious what you want us to do with this information. Do you want us to offer you some allergy medicine? Chances are we have some. Don't expect us to stifle our laughter if you sneeze like this, though!

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While we do believe in Arm & Hammer cat litter and its ability to disguise even the funkiest of smells, they did sponsor this post.

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