20 Ways to tell if you’re a crazy cat woman

Think you may be a crazy cat woman? Here are 20 surefire ways to find out if you fit the bill!


No children, just cats

car wtih cats on it

Image source: acj11815 via Instagram

Not only do you adore your cats, but you certainly aren’t afraid to let the world know it. Crazy cat women don’t need children when they’ve got their very own kitty babies.


Kitty baby

cat in stroller

Image source: mimimiu07 via Instagram

Speaking of kitty babies, only a crazy cat woman carts her kitty around in a stroller. And to top it off, the cat is just as crazy to enjoy it!


Cat collage

cat collage

Photo credit: jennasmay via Instagram

Forget selfies, you’ve got kitties! If your iPhone is filled with framed collages of your favorite cats of the house, you’re the cat lady your neighbors are chatting about.


Cat tat

cat tattoo

Photo credit: briannathorn via Instagram

Love your cat enough to permanently ink your body with your affection? Done. Crazy cat woman.



cat slippers

Image source: jillbye via Instagram

Think your cat is so adorbs, you even want to be like him? Yearning to become not only your cat’s BFF, but his twin, too, is enough to turn you into a cat-crazed woman.


Driving Miss Daisy

driving with a cat

Image source: naasshhh via Instagram

Normally, it would be OK to take your cat on a joyride, but when your face looks like this as you drive around… Miss Daisy, you’ve earned yourself the title.


Twinsies part II

cat beanie

Photo credit: stephaniederanged via Instagram

As if the slippers weren’t enough, the kitty cap really seals the deal.


Kitty wear

crazy cat tee shirt

Photo credit: jackie_skellington via Instagram

It’s OK to have one kitty tee. But three? You’re asking for it!


Cats on the legs

cat leggings

Photo credit: jessicamarj via Instagram

Leggings are cool. But leggings with kitties? We’re still unsure about that, but the kitty lovers? They’re on point!


Shower buddy

cat in shower

Photo credit: ameelynn02 via Instagram

Kitties need baths too. But it’s probably best that they take one on their lonesome… unless, of course, you’re a crazy cat woman!


Gifts from grandma

cat needle point

Photo credit: ssmoneypenny via Instagram

Everyone chalks up the crazy cat lady as the grandma. But if your grandma crafts you one of these babies, you may be the culprit in your family.


Cats on your case

cat on iphone case

Photo credit: abottleofjacq via Instagram

Got a cat on your case? That may be OK, but if it’s a custom case with your kitty, you’re the purrfect crazy cat woman for the job!


Kitty the purse

cat purse

Photo credit: kittykattatackk via Instagram

No, you don’t have a kitty in your purse, your kitty is the purse! Crazy cat women love them some kitty purses!


Cat got your mug

cat mug

Photo credit: blackberry_sunshine via Instagram

It’s not enough that you wake up to kitty’s purrs, you need yourself a cup of joe out of your kitty mug. Not so crazy, but non-cat lovers surely don’t have their own kitty-covered coffee cup.


Daily visitors

cats at door

Photo credit: jessmraw via Instagram

Do cats or humans visit you? If it’s the feline kind, you’ve guessed it: You’re a crazy cat woman!


Dancing with kitties

cat dancer

Photo credit: we_r_dancers via Instagram

Take a portrait with your kitty, fine. But while dancing, that’s a whole new level of crazy!


Cat with a blog

cats on laptop

Photo credit: missmaradawn via Instagram

Missing out on your social media feeds because your kitties are busy checking their own? You’re going down crazy cat woman lane.


A bed of their own

cats on a bed

Image source: emerleesweet via Instagram

It’s fine to have more than one kitty. But don’t let them take over your bed unless, of course, you want the title of crazy cat woman.


Mama kitty

lady with kittens

Photo credit: baileeybabby76 via Instagram

True crazy cat women have kittens that believe the human is their mama rather than the cat that birthed them!


Wear it proud

crazy cat lady

Photo credit: kittykatattackk via Instagram

OK, so you’re a crazy cat woman. It isn’t horrible — in fact, it’s quite endearing! So wear it proud and proclaim your cat-loving self to the world!

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