Bad dog! 24 Pups you can't stay mad at

Nov 8, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. ET

Sometimes your dog can just drive you crazy! But how can you stay mad when they look like this?


Not my favorite undies!

dog eating underwear

Photo credit: yermalm via Instagram

I thought "you can't dig holes in the house"
went without saying.

dog destroying carpet

Photo credit: _kalaniluv via Instagram

There went lunch!

dog eating mac and cheese

Photo credit: Katzra01 via Instagram

The important thing to remember is that I'm not on the couch. Now how do I get down?

dog stuck on exercise bike

Photo credit: morganbeltz via Instagram

He started it!

dog who peed in cat's water
Photo credit: roma_pie via Instagram

That used to be Daddy's favorite baseball cap.

dog who ate a baseball cap

Photo credit: jmcpaul24 via Instagram

It would seem you have an alibi.

dog who has an alibi

Photo credit: baileycwild via Instagram

Toilet-paper eating is a serious addiction. I saw it on TLC.

dog eating toilet paper

Photo credit: dia_bomb via Instagram

Some criminals just have no remorse.

dog who isn't sorry

Photo credit: aj_hayward via Instagram


Good thing dog toys aren't that expensive...

dog who ate his toys

Photo credit: inkphien23 via Instagram

...unlike human toys.

dog eating barbie

Photo credit: jessica_l_stanley via Instagram

Honestly, I have no idea who ate your lipstick.
Did you ask the cat?

dog who ate lipstick

Photo credit: irishgirrrl via Instagram

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