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Katherine Schwarzenegger Opens Up About What She’s Learned From Mom Maria Shriver on Parenting

Katherine Schwarzenegger, 31, the eldest of their four kids, has learned a lot from mom Maria Shriver about raising her own daughter, Lyla Maria. “It goes by so quickly, so being present is the most important thing because you know your kids grow up in the blink of an eye,” she says is what her mom has told her. And it’s true!

Having had a pandemic baby, Lyla Maria, in August 2020 with husband and actor Chris Pratt, Schwarzenegger says she wishes she had known more on how to care for a newborn. “This whole idea of newborn gut deficiency — it was so foreign to me. And I didn’t even learn about until a couple of months into having a newborn, which is something that affects over 90 percent of babies,” she says.

And that’s why she’s teamed up with the probiotic Evivo to raise awareness on infant gut health and share tips with new parents. “It’s not even something that most moms even know about, and using an infant probiotic like Evivo really helped me,” she adds.

While her mom Maria swears baby Lyla is the easiest baby, her daughter got a diaper rash at just a few months old. “It helps instantly,” says Schwarzenegger, allowing her baby girl to enjoy activities like playing with the many animals at grandpa Arnold’s house, including a miniature pony. And that’s, perhaps, what she has learned best from her father — have fun with your kids.

“I think really staying true to how you want to raise your children, how you want to raise your family, what you want to do as a parent is so important and to not get caught up in people’s silly criticism of your choices,” says Schwarzenegger. For more from the interview, watch the clip above.

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