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Watch SK Conversations: ABCs of Caring for a Colicky Baby

Watch the encore presentation of SK Conversations: ABCs of Caring for a Colicky Baby as we learn the best practices for soothing your little one. Hear the latest insights from the experts on how to identify and remedy colic and/or cow’s milk allergy in babies along with tips to help parents and caregivers prioritize their own mental health and maintain their sense of self.

Guided Meditation Moment | Rosie Acosta, Founder of Radically Love Health & Wellness guides us through a simple meditation to help us enjoy a moment of mindfulness and self-care.

Parent’s Guide to Colic | Our panel of child development experts (Olya Hill, Founder and Creative Director of LivingNotes;  Nicole Johnson, Founder of The Baby Sleep Site, and Dr. Jen Trachtenberg, Pediatrician, and Perrigo spokesperson) are here to help you and your baby navigate colic or a cow’s milk allergy. Learn everything from how to identify symptoms of colic, to solutions to help soothe your newborn and more!

Spotlight Talk with Lindley Stakem | Lindley Stakem, Infant Formula Medical Marketing Manager at Perrigo Nutrition, Makers of All Store Brand Formula, shares how their new store brand hypoallergenic infant formula supports healthy growth and development while providing colic relief for babies with cow’s milk allergy.

Parenting & Beyond | While parenting is full of rewarding and loving moments, it can feel all-encompassing at times. Watch an empowering conversation between Chasity Holcomb, Founder of Momfully You; Dr. Ashurina Ream, Founder of Psyched Mommy and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Bola Sokunbi, Financial Expert and Founder of Clever Girl Finance, on the challenging transition into parenthood, the importance of re-establishing your sense of self and insights on how to set yourself up for success in the long-term from self-care tips to financial advice.

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