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Nicky Hilton Talks Her Top #MomFails & Fighting With Paris Hilton

Nicky Hilton Rothschild is no ordinary mom. In fact, given her particularly unique (and glam) childhood, marriage, and mom life — she’s not even your run-of-the-mill celebrity mom at this point. It’s pretty easy to assume the Hilton heir who married into nobility has led a fairytale existence since birth (from her days traipsing around with Paris in those Juicy Couture tracksuits to her literally Cinderella-inspired bridal shower to her current life; even her “chill” family time at home with daughters Lily-Grace and Teddy seems surprisingly chic). But fear not: Hilton, as a mom, is in many ways just like us. At least when it comes to #MomFails.

“My most embarrassing mom fail is probably when one of my daughters has a meltdown,” Hilton told SheKnows when we sat down with her in our video studio in NYC. “I just get so embarrassed, especially when I’m on an airplane, and I just want to cover my face and hide.”

Um, same, Nicky. Same. She added that her daughter just recently had a tantrum outside an ice cream store at the mall. We asked if it led to her daughter actually getting ice cream.

“No,” said Hilton, definitively.

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Hilton didn’t waste any time getting real about her parenting foibles, parenting two sisters vs. growing up with a sister (and butting heads with her), and of course her new shoe collection with French Sole — a brand Hilton says she’s been wearing since high school.

“I practically live in ballet flats,” she tells us. “I wear them every day.”

She also confessed to getting mom-shamed for not putting socks on her baby (“It was one second and it was 90 degrees outside!”) and revealed her most common fights with sister Paris growing up (“It was always about clothes. She was always going into my closet, and she still does. She takes all of my chargers”).

Watch the full video for more Hilton info — from her top bedtime song to which of her family members is the biggest slob — plus the single worst word her kids have learned from her. (Again, Nicky: same.)

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