These Kids Will Give You a New Heartwarming Perspective on Back-to-School

Back-to-school is that special time of year that is filled with flurries of excitement. There are supplies to hunt down, clothes to purchase and adjustments to be made to everyone’s life to get kids back on a schedule, right? It’s enough to make your head spin, but in that fun kind of way. And kids can sometimes help parents put everything back into perspective during the whole hustle and bustle. They are the ones returning to the classroom, after all — and the rituals we create to surround the moments leading up to the first day of school can become memories that last a lifetime.

In this video, our Hatch kids talk with their parents about the upcoming school year, what needs to be done to get ready and how special some of the back-to-school moments really are for our little ones. It’ll have you feeling a whole new way about this sometimes-stressful time of year — and how you handle it.

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