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Moms sing the allergy blues in hilarious music video — achoo!

My husband is a hunk. He has bright blond hair, gorgeous green eyes and beautiful skin that turns golden in the summer. Genetic jackpot! I, on the other hand, brought pale skin, mousey hair and incredibly dry feet to the gene pool. DNA disaster!

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When we started having children, I prayed my kids would inherit his hair, eyes and coloring, and wouldn’t you know, my prayers were answered. One by one, all four of my children have grown into blond-haired, green-eyed, golden little humans. It really was too good to be true though, because it seems there is a price to pay in attaining that much perfection in one family. And I’m paying it.

It just slipped in there, quietly and unnoticed — a sneak attack of a runny nose here and little coughing there. Not enough to cause panic but just enough to cause irritation. Well, now I’m in a full-blown war with allergies. We have itchy, watery eyes, sore throats and headaches. Wheezing, sneezing and snoring. A nice day at the park? Forget about it. Sleeping with the windows open? Out of the question. Smelling anything that blooms? Never again.

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This is what I gave my children. This is what my body decided to contribute to my children’s makeup. Every spring and sometimes fall, their green eyes crust over with green goo. Their beautiful bronze skin becomes red and splotchy. And then there’s snot. Everywhere. Yet through it all, they continue to maintain their sweet smiles, loud laughter and a healthy appetite for chips and salsa. They got that from me too.

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