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Moms sing the truth about Valentine’s Day in painfully funny parody

Love hurts, and I’m not just saying that because of my affinity for ’80s rock bands. When did the Day of Love turn into a Day of Doom? 

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Valentine’s Day has. Especially if you are a parent. Forget the flowers and chocolates for you. Heaven forbid you get a romantic dinner. Oh no! You’ve got kids, and they’ve got Valentine’s Day parties. Each child comes home from school with a list of classmates and friends a mile long. That’s four miles for me! I could go to my local froyo establishment and home with that kind of mileage.

Don’t let Cupid’s cherub cheeks fool you. He is sneaky. Just as you’re recovering from the holidays, bam! He hits you with one of his arrows right in the butt. There’s blood, sweat and, most definitely, tears. We get overly ambitious in the eleventh hour trying to pull off the impossible. Every year we swear we’ll make it simple, start early and finally get those dinner reservations at the swanky new eatery. But no more. Here are some tips to make your Valentine’s Day special and stitches free.

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  • Instead of a fancy dinner out, make it a fancy family dinner in. Every year, my husband and I treat our kids to a fancy meal at home. We get out the good plates, the pretty glasses, light some candles and serve them a really nice dinner. It’s so much more fun to share the day celebrating love with those you love the most.
  • Have your kids do their own valentines. They will love putting it together for their friends and it will mean so much more to them. Who cares what they look like if they’re made with love?
  • Share the love. We can all use a little more love in our lives. Why not start with 14 Random Acts of Love? Starting Feb. 1 and all the way up to Valentine’s Day, do a random act of love every day with your kids! This could be leaving a gift card for your mailman in your mailbox for him to find, making snack packs for the homeless or taping some cut-out hearts on your neighbor’s door. It can be anything, and it doesn’t have to cost a dime, but the results are priceless. Especially when your children are being taught true love through kindness and service.

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Valentine’s Day should be about showing love. Ultimately cards get thrown away, candy is eaten, and we have nothing to show for it! The purpose gets lost in the glitter and glue. What really matters is your time. So, put away those glue guns. Forget the fancy restaurants. You’ve got your own little cupids running around ready to shower you with unconditional love, homemade valentines and chocolatey kisses.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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