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Hilarious ‘Hey Mama’ spoof looks just like our back-to-school chaos (VIDEO)

We all know that as moms, we wear many different hats (besides the ones we use to cover our bad roots or greasy hair). Chef, nurse, cheerleader, teacher, housekeeper… of course chauffeur is one of the many hats we wear most often.

It seems like once the kids are back in school (and sports and music lessons), we might as well move into our cars. All day, every day, we’re chauffeuring.

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We do it because we love our kids, we want to support their interests, we want to raise cultured children, and we might be a little over-zealous in signing them up for activities after spending the whole summer with them.

Join us now as we visit such lovely destinations as the school drop-off line, the school pick-up line, the labyrinth the city affectionately calls the soccer fields, the suburbs and more. If you can relate, then sit back, relax, and enjoy this video in a real chair, with no kids kicking the back of your seat or screaming, “Hey Mama!” at the top of their lungs while dropping pretzel crumbs everywhere. And throw on some headphones if you have a pair handy because the bass is bumpin’ (much like your seat will be when you get back in the car). Safe travels!

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