Make your own LEGO table and organizing container (VIDEO)

LEGOs are a great way for your kids to pass time.

They get them thinking and stretch all those creative muscles in their brains. Plus, we parents are pretty much in love with anything that drags them away from their screens, right?

They are not, however, great when it comes to cleaning up. Somehow that tiny collection of LEGOs seems to multiply and expand all over your house every single time they get them out.

They’re also not great for your feet. They’re actually really, really bad for your feet. My feet hurt just thinking about all the stray LEGOs I’ve stepped on.

Lucky for you, these DIYs will help. The LEGO table keeps the LEGOs all in one place while your kids play, and the container is so adorable that your kids will actually want to put them all away when they’re done. Watch this video, and get to building ASAP, Mom.

This post was brought to you by Lance Sandwich Crackers.

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