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Moms sound off on the worst parenting advice they’ve ever gotten (VIDEO)

Olivia Has Moms

Honestly, the only parenting advice we’ve gotten has been from both of our daughter Olivia’s grandmothers. And normally it’s like this:

Me (screaming): “Olivia, get down from the top of the refrigerator! You’re going to get hurt!”

Grandmother (yelling): “She will be fine! Look, I raised you, and you’re still alive. Plus, if she falls, she will learn.” And as she grabs Olivia, “Right, Grandma Baby?”

Me (thinking): If that were me at that age, I would have gotten bopped on the head.

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Anyhow, my point is that grandkids get away with things with grandparents. Grandparents’ advice is often good… because it generally benefits the child. Olivia’s grandparents are great with medical advice: how to take care of a cut, fever, etc. That’s great advice, especially home remedies they know — awesome.

But honestly speaking, when advice is given, it’s always OK to nod your head and say “thank you.” Then it’s up to you as the parent to use that advice. If you think the advice is absurd, then do what your gut tells you. There is always a learning experience to this parenting stuff.

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