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What the first 2 years of your kid’s life is really like for parents (VIDEO)

Brandi Jeter

A recent study shows that having a baby is one of the most traumatic experiences in a person’s life. Really? What kind of babies are these people birthing? When I had my sweet, adorable little girl, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, there were some long nights, and it definitely came with some stress, but harder than death or divorce? It doesn’t even come close!

I was a single mother from the beginning and had to do all the new-parent stuff on my own. There was no one to pass off diaper duty to, no one to share expenses with or no one else to stay up all night when my baby was sick or teething. I did it all. It was extremely difficult at some times, but I still look back on those times as some of the best in my life.

The problem with studies like these is that they perpetuate this idea that modern women are weak. Women have been taking care of babies since the beginning of time. If anything, it’s gotten easier with all the products and technology to support us in motherhood. Having a baby is not traumatic — it’s challenging, but it’s awesome.

Do you agree with the study? What was being a new mom like for you?

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