Moms confess what kids’ products they secretly keep for themselves

Motherhood is all about sacrifice and sharing. Whether we’re giving up the last slice of pizza, sharing our cozy blanket and space on the couch or getting up in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water for our little one (regardless of how early we have to get up) moms are always thinking outside of themselves and putting children first.

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Since we give up so much, it’s only fair that our kids have to share and sacrifice every once in awhile for us, too. We don’t ask for much, and they don’t even have to know. For instance, when my daughter is at school, I blast her Kidz Bop CDs like it’s a New Kids On The Block album. I get to have my solo dance parties and she’s none the wiser. The only time we have an issue is when I forget to bring the CD back into the car. That’s where the sacrifice comes in, though. The five minutes of silence in the car from the time I pick my daughter up after school until we get home is all she has to give up for her mom to have approximately 75 minutes of joy. And really, what kid doesn’t want their mom to be happy?

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What about you? Is there a toy or product of your child’s that you use when they’re not around? Share in the comments!

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