Here’s why you need to make your toddler be your stylist (VIDEO)

Summer Bellessa let her 3-year-old dress her for a week. The post went viral, and here’s what happened next.

Summer says:

“As a mom, I’m always telling Rockwell and Phoenix what to do, what to wear, where to sit, what to do once they’re sitting, etc., but it’s important to me that I let them know they have a creative voice inside. The Toddler Stylist Experiment was a small way that I could interact with my 3-year-old, and encourage him to make creative decisions in an environment that was validating and fun. I let Rockwell pick my clothes out for a week. He picked everything from my accessories to my shoes. When it comes to parenting, I think part of the trick is being willing to be silly (or look silly in this case) and not take our daily to-do list too seriously. Being a fashion writer, the most surprising thing I learned was how little people really looked, or cared about my outfits when I went out in public. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look a certain way, but as I wore outfits that did not align with my style philosophy, I realized the pressure was self-imposed. Seeing my son’s excitement as I wore his choices around town, was a much larger payoff than feeling stylish.This video showcases the first outfit Rockwell picked out for me, but we decided to shoot it again, because he did too good of a job and we didn’t want people thinking it was staged. So we did round two, which is the video that ended up on our Girls With Glasses YouTube. This was a small way to inject fun into our day, and I recommend it for any mom up to the challenge. If you take on the #toddlerstylist challenge, make sure to use the hashtag, and tag me. I love to see all the creativity our toddlers bring to our outfits.”

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