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DIY: A fun way to store your child’s LEGOS (VIDEO)

LEGOS are a simple, yet entertaining toy that can keep children busy for hours. However, if you’ve ever stepped on a brick left behind after play time, you probably wish you had a better place to keep every piece contained. This DIY LEGOS container is a fun, easy way to keep all of your LEGOS in one place and makes cleanup more fun for your kids. There aren’t a lot of supplies involved and the steps are easy and totally worth never stepping on a LEGOS brick again.


  • Red Vines container
  • Spray primer
  • Yellow spray paint
  • Black and white vinyl


1. Clean container.

2. Prime container.

3. Let dry completely.

4. Paint first coat of yellow.

5. Let dry completely.

6. Paint second coat of yellow.

7. Let dry completely.

8. Trace eyes, mouth and eyebrows on vinyl.

9. Cut vinyl.

10. Apply vinyl.

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