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These moms confess the craziest place they’ve done it (VIDEO)

We’ve asked some of our favorite moms to tell us the craziest places they have ever done it. And by ‘It’ we mean whipped out their breasts in order to feed their hungry baby. In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, will you share your #IDiditHere moment?

If you were (or are) a nursing mom, chances are you ended up feeding your child in some pretty crazy places. Because, well, babies get hungry and when they need to eat it’s your job to feed them! We, at SheKnows, support breastfeeding moms no matter where lunch may happen to take place. Which is why we want to know the craziest place you’ve found yourself feeding your little one.

And why not make it a contest along the way? Send us a tweet to @SheKnows telling us the craziest place you’ve done it — and make sure to include the hashtag #IDidItHere — for a chance to win a prize pack of breasfeeding essentials. You can read the official rules for the #IDidItHere contest here. Contest runs from today, August 14, 2014, until August 21, 2014. Tell us #IDidItHere for a chance to win!

Where is the craziest place you breastfed your baby?

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