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Cupcake made from onesies and socks is so cute you won’t miss the frosting

Take it from someone who’s been there — decorating for a baby shower is hard when you’re trying to toe the line between cute and creative and not at all cheesy. While Pinterest may be inundated with the diaper cake craze, we’ve come up with something fresh and fabulous that is sure to impress any mother-to-be.

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These adorable onesie cupcakes are totally one-of-a-kind, and they’re easy to make in just seven steps or less. You can also use this sweet craft to congratulate a mom who’s just had a baby:

Step 1: Fold

Onesie cupcakes Step 1: Fold
Image: SheKnows

Fold the onesie of your choice length-wise into a cylinder shape.

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Step 2: Place sock

Onesie cupcakes Step 2: Place Sock
Image: SheKnows

Position a colorful sock at the top of the onesie — this will be the center of your cupcake.

Step 3: Roll up

Onesie cupcakes Step 3: Roll up
Image: SheKnows

Roll up the onesie with the sock inside, peeking out of the top.

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