Amazing Toys & Gifts for Kids With Autism

Jun 14, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. ET
Amazing Toys and Gifts for Kids With Autism
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As with any kid, there's no magical way to know if a child with an autism spectrum disorder will love a particular item, but you can improve your chances by putting a little extra thought into your gift choice. 

The first thing to note is that buying for a child with autism doesn't have to be all that different from buying for a child who doesn't have autism, says licensed mental health counselor Maria Davis-Pierre, whose practice specializes in providing support to parents with children on the autism spectrum. Davis-Pierre also has a daughter with autism. 

"Many children on the spectrum like most of the toys neurotypical children enjoy," she tells SheKnows. "I would simply advise getting a toy that matches their developmental age/stage."

While chronological and cognitive appropriateness is important, a key factor is the child's personality and interests, says Ahren Hoffman, director of education and training at the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. "All kids should get toys that fit their personality," she tells SheKnows. "Don’t overthink your shopping trip. Just consider the child’s needs and interests. And if in doubt, ask their parents or caregivers for advice." 

1 /21: Nuts & Bolts Fidget Rod

1/21 :Nuts & Bolts Fidget Rod

2 /21: Peanut Ball

2/21 :Peanut Ball

3 /21: Edushape Rainbow Soft Ball

3/21 :Edushape Rainbow Soft Ball

4 /21: 50 Counting Bears With Cups

4/21 :50 Counting Bears With Cups

5 /21: Playhut Mega Fun Play Tent

Gifts for kids with autism: Playhut Mega Fun Play Tent
Image: Amazon

5/21 :Playhut Mega Fun Play Tent

6 /21: Mesh Therapy Swing

6/21 :Mesh Therapy Swing

7 /21: Kinetic Sand

7/21 :Kinetic Sand

8 /21: Weighted Disc Blanket

8/21 :Weighted Disc Blanket

9 /21: Kullerbu Windmill Track Set

9/21 :Kullerbu Windmill Track Set

10 /21: Conga Band Set

10/21 :Conga Band Set

11 /21: Click n' Play Foam Pogo Jumper

11/21 :Click n' Play Foam Pogo Jumper

12 /21: Color Rings Sorting Board

12/21 :Color Rings Sorting Board

13 /21: Sensory Gel Maze

13/21 :Sensory Gel Maze

14 /21: Bead Sequences Set

14/21 :Bead Sequences Set

15 /21: Edushape Travel Brix Building Kit

15/21 :Edushape Travel Brix Building Kit

16 /21: Sensory Pea Pod

16/21 :Sensory Pea Pod

17 /21: Musical Instruments Sounds Puzzle

17/21 :Musical Instruments Sounds Puzzle

18 /21: Giant Vibrating Turtle

18/21 :Giant Vibrating Turtle

19 /21: Dragon's Breath Collecting Game

19/21 :Dragon's Breath Collecting Game

20 /21: Gifts for Kids With Autism

Gifts for kids with autism
Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

20/21 :Gifts for Kids With Autism

21 /21: Gift Card

21/21 :Gift Card