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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for November

November is a month for resetting our internal clocks as daylight savings time ends on Sunday, Nov. 4, so the start of the month may have everyone, especially your kids, feeling a little out of whack. The new moon in Scorpio on Wednesday, Nov. 7 is a great time for new beginnings, but it’s important to look deeply within yourself while embracing all the things that may not be so pretty. 

“We’re all invited to let go of what we no longer need, and because we’re talking about Scorpio, it’s about emotionally letting go,” says parenting astrologer Tara Vogel, who’s passionate about helping moms connect deeply with their kids and themselves through astrology. What old patterns do you keep doing over and over and it’s just not working out for you?  “It’s a great time for cleaning the skeletons out of your closet, understanding yourself on a deeper level. Emotional honesty is very important at this time,” Vogel tells SheKnows.

Table talk at Thanksgiving might not be so boring this year after all. “There’s a full moon on Thanksgiving Day in the United States on Nov. 22, and this could bring about some interesting conversation over Thanksgiving dinner,” Vogel declares. “Sunday, Nov. 25 is a lucky day for all of us. As the sun and Jupiter meet up in the sky, it brings everyone a feeling of expansion, happiness and just a feeling of all is well and working out. It’s a feel-good kind of day, so enjoy it! Your kids certainly will — although keep an eye on them for overexerting themselves or wanting too much of a good thing,” warns Vogel. 

That’s not all. Read on for what else you can expect for the rest of the month.

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