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15 Scary (but Not Too Scary) Halloween Books to Read With Your Kids

‘Tis the season for haunted hayrides, corn mazes, pumpkin carving and, of course, finding the perfect Halloween costume. (This is serious business, after all.) Halloween is a holiday beloved by children and adults alike — especially those who enjoy a good scare — and it’s one that’s well worth celebrating throughout the entire month of October.  

One of the best ways to celebrate any holiday is by breaking out some themed books to read with your little ones — and there’s no shortage of fun Halloween reads. Of course, many of them are on the creepy side, and no matter how much your child is clamoring to read the scariest book possible, we’d venture a guess that you’d prefer not to give your little one nightmares. 

Luckily, plenty of authors have found a happy medium. These 15 books are creepy enough to give your kids a delightful shiver down their spines, but they (and you!) will be able to sleep peacefully through the night once the last page has been read. 

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