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The Cutest Non-costume Halloween Outfits for All Ages

Halloween means costumes, right? But costumes are usually only worn on the 31st (unless your kid is the one who sleeps in her Darth Vader costume until Christmas, in which case more power to her) — and then packed away and forgotten. Only one day to show off all your Halloween spirit? Fuggedaboutit. 

Luckily for you (er, for your kids, rather — yeah, this is totally about your kids), there are plenty fashionable Halloween-themed threads emblazoned with black cats, ghosts, monsters and pumpkins that let you celebrate Halloween in style, no actual costume necessary. 

So, how to avoid searching every store for some cool and spooky kids clothes that aren’t covered in glitter and googly eyes? Read on. The outfits ahead are plenty festive but still low-key, so kids can strut their Halloween stuff all October long — and hey, a lot of these are great for other months too.

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