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Maternity Must-Haves for Every Trimester

You get a positive pregnancy test, and immediately, your mind starts reeling. How? What? Why? A tiny human is going to exit my body?! (OK maybe not “how” — that part is usually pretty self-explanatory.) But topping the question list is likely, “How on Earth am I going to get through the next nine months?” Because those 40-ish weeks before Baby makes a grand appearance are going to be long and tiring and come with a whole lot of changes for you and your body. 

But remember: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And the best way to get through a marathon? One foot in front of the other. That and drinking water. And comfortable shoes. And trying not to vomit. Actually, there’s a lot running a marathon and being pregnant have in common. But if your head is spinning, not to fear. We’ve gathered all your maternity must-haves so you can rest easy and not worry about what you need to survive all three trimesters. All you have to worry about is picking a cute name and applying to preschools. Kidding. Kind of.

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