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15 Amazon Items to Make Your School Mornings a Breeze (Really)

Are you panicking about tear-filled mornings yet? Did last year leave you with a bit of school-year school year blues? From the arduous task of trying to get young kids dressed to getting teenagers up and out of bed to finding lost permission slips — weekday mornings are anything but relaxed when you’re a parent. Chances are not even the strongest coffee in the world can keep up with your family’s day-to-day rush.

If that sounds all too true, take a deep breath. You can take steps to ensure mornings this school year will go just a bit smoother. Your game plan? Organize, organize, organize. Make like our pal Jessica Alba and plan out your family’s breakfasts and outfits in advance. Then, create designated spaces for things like backpacks, snacks, hats, gloves, soccer balls and even the damn flute.

To help you get ready, here are 15 items (all available on Amazon Prime) to prep your household for the morning chaos.

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