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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for September

The first month of fall is finally here. We’ve been gearing up for this September for a while, as two more planets (peace out, Mercury) come out of retrograde to loosen the restrictions we’ve been feeling the past few months, explains astrologer and reiki master Suzie Kerr Wright. “Things that seemed out of reach back in June are within the realm of possibility,” Wright tells SheKnows. 

“Now, as the big guns, Saturn and Pluto, make their move forward, you’ll begin to see some results and feel like you’re picking up steam,” Wright adds. “But you also may notice that the time to accomplish tasks seems shorter. There’s a sense of time speeding up. So remember to give yourself extra time when you step up to take on any volunteer projects at your kids’ school.” 

As for the kids themselves? Wright notes that “Kids in general may be a bit more curious,” (is that even possible??), so parents should try to actively engage kids’ burgeoning creativity. 

But that’s just the beginning of what lies ahead this month. Read on for what your family can expect as you fall headfirst into fall. 

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