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Need New School Lunch Ideas? Here Are 15 Easy, Genius Ones

Back-to-school is here, and that means — you guessed it! — school lunches. And if your kid is planning to brown-bag it, why not give them something a little classier than a squashed PB&J and some carrot sticks? We know. Easier said than done, but it’s not impossible — at least, not when you have these easy school lunch ideas we’re about to share with you.

We’re the first to admit that mornings before school are insane for kids and parents alike, and there’s barely enough time to put on both socks, let alone make a lunch your kids will actually want to eat. And the old make-it-the-night-before trick? That might work for the first day or two, but let’s be real: Bedtime, too, can be a struggle — and the last thing you want to do once the kids are (finally) in bed is head to the kitchen and start working.

But before you resign yourself to an entire school year of Lunchables, take a look at these 15 items and easy school lunch ideas that will help you turn any boring sandwich and veggies into a truly Pinterest-worthy affair — all in a matter of minutes.

A version of this article was originally published August 2018.

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