10 Easy, Adorable Animal Crafts Kids Can Make

If your kids are into crafts, you likely have no shortage of go-to ideas and inspiration from friends and the friendly internet alike. From a DIY kaleidoscope to clothespin and chalk paint crafts and Mason jar projects, the kid craft options are seemingly endless. But what do kids love even more than they love crafts? Animal crafts.

I mean, just a quick scroll through Pinterest makes it clear that the animal craft kingdom is truly where it's at, DIY-wise. You just can't beat how adorable most of these cute critter projects are; they make for cute toys, decor and more. Plus, plenty of the animal craft ideas we found use readily available everyday household and food packaging items you'd normally toss out or recycle right away (think paper towel and toilet paper rolls). So why not do your DIY one better and repurpose your trash into fancy fauna works of art you'll cherish?

Look ahead for our 10 favorite animal crafts for kids. Lions and turtles and (koala) bears, oh my!