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15 Must-Haves to Keep Kids Healthy During the Back-to-School Germfest

Back-to-school is, among many things, a complete and utter germfest. So many tiny hands that don’t always get washed. Countless drippy little noses. And of course, the coughing, sneezing and wiping. Gross. Sure, you can remind your kids to wash, remind them to sneeze into their elbows, but let’s be honest; you’re not there at school with them, and they can barely remember what they had for breakfast, let alone remember to cover their mouths every time they cough. But if the thought of those germs entering your home makes you start buying stock in bleach, hold your horses.

We know parents don’t have time for their kids to be sick. We get it. But don’t start going hog wild with the harsh cleaning chemicals; you know that shit is toxic, right?

Just for you, we’ve gathered up the best items to keep your kids healthy during the war on the immune system known as back-to-school. So take a breath, put down the industrial-strength hand sanitizer, and relax, because we’ve got you covered.

No really, put it down. We’ll wait.

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