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The Cutest Matching Outfits for Twins

If you’re a parent of twins, chances are you’ve had the inclination at some point to dress that dynamic duo up in matching or coordinating outfits — whether for family holiday card photos or to keep an easy eye on the kids while traveling or out shopping. But personally, I worried that my boy-girl twins would one day look back and cringe if they saw pics of themselves looking too matchy-matchy in their adorable little-kid days. Thankfully, the options for coordinating kid looks have drastically improved in recent years, giving parents many fashionable (and not too cutesy) options for dressing up twins of any gender. 

Whether you have twins of the same or different genders, there are a ton of sweet but chic coordinating styles out there. And you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to break out these looks; many can work well even for a casual playdate, a trip to the farmers market or even (*gasp!*) a ride on the subway. Just be prepared for all the comments these adorable sets are sure to inspire from onlookers.

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