School Supplies You'll 100 Percent Steal From Your Kids

Aug 8, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET
The Most Beautiful Back-to-School Supplies Parents Will Want to Steal from Their Kids
Image: Rifle Paper Co., Funkins, Hydros, Joggo, Dormify, The Neighborgoods, Paul Taylor/Getty Images. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

1 /16: Rifle Paper Co. Bouquet File Folders

1/16 :Rifle Paper Co. Bouquet File Folders

2 /16: Avocado & Fig Notebook Pair

Avocado and Fig Notebooks Pair
Image: The Neighborgoods.

2/16 :Avocado & Fig Notebook Pair

3 /16: Hydros Water Bottle

Hydros Waterbottle
Image: Hydros Life.

3/16 :Hydros Water Bottle

This cute and versatile water bottle uses an eco-friendly charcoal filter for the cleanest, purest water you'll ever tote around. Plus, it's ultra lightweight and filters in mere seconds.

Hydros water bottle (20-ounces), $20 at Hydros Life

4 /16: Bando Garden Party 13-Month Planner

Bando Garden Party 13 Month Planner
Image: Bando.

4/16 :Bando Garden Party 13-Month Planner

5 /16: Bando Ultimate Planner Pack in Pearlescent

Bando Ultimate Planner Pack Pearlescent
Image: Bando.

5/16 :Bando Ultimate Planner Pack in Pearlescent

6 /16: Dormify Grass Charging Station

Dormify Grass Charging Station
Image: Dormify,

6/16 :Dormify Grass Charging Station

7 /16: Joggo Canvas Backpack in Pink

JOGGO Canvas Pink Backpack
Image: Joggo.

7/16 :Joggo Canvas Backpack in Pink

8 /16: Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag

Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag
Image: Funkins.

8/16 :Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag

9 /16: Sharpie Art Pens

9/16 :Sharpie Art Pens

10 /16: White Euler Wall Organizer

Dormify Euler Wall Organizer
Image: Dormify.

10/16 :White Euler Wall Organizer

11 /16: Lil B Backpack

Lil B Backpack
Image: The Tot.

11/16 :Lil B Backpack

12 /16: Rifle Paper Co. To-Do List

12/16 :Rifle Paper Co. To-Do List

13 /16: Scribedelivery Box

ScribeDelivery Box
Image: Crate Joy.

13/16 :Scribedelivery Box

14 /16: 'Get to the Point' Pencil Case

Get to the Point Pencil Case
Image: Kate Spade.

14/16 :'Get to the Point' Pencil Case

15 /16: Midori Alpaca D-Clips

Alpaca Midori D-Clips
Image: Amazon.

15/16 :Midori Alpaca D-Clips

16 /16: Rainbow Holographic Backpack

16/16 :Rainbow Holographic Backpack