School Supplies You'll 100 Percent Steal From Your Kids

Aug 8, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. ET
The Most Beautiful Back-to-School Supplies Parents Will Want to Steal from Their Kids
Image: Rifle Paper Co., Funkins, Hydros, Joggo, Dormify, The Neighborgoods, Paul Taylor/Getty Images. Design: Ashley Britton/SheKnows.

Back-to-school often means a shopping excursion specifically for, well, office supplies for kids. But too often, school supplies leave something to be desired. Boring composition notebooks, bland folders and run-of-the-mill markers probably run rampant at your local office supply store. After all, pencils and paper aren't exactly beautiful food for the aesthetic soul — except when they are. 

Get ready to actually get excited about school supply shopping, folks. Because we've rounded up the most insanely stylish and functional school supplies that just miiiight find their way out of your kid's backpack and into your own office. 

Plus, with the amount of homework assigned to kids these days, they’re going to be spending plenty of time at their desks, which are probably currently crowded with unattractive and uninviting supplies. And after all, haven't pretty pens been proven to increase productivity or something? No? Whatever. 

Ditch your trip to the big-box supply store, toss out those plain planners, and look no further, because you're going to want every item on this list. I mean for your kids. This is all for your kids. Right.

1 /16: Rifle Paper Co. Bouquet File Folders

1/16 :Rifle Paper Co. Bouquet File Folders

2 /16: Avocado & Fig Notebook Pair

Avocado and Fig Notebooks Pair
Image: The Neighborgoods.

2/16 :Avocado & Fig Notebook Pair

3 /16: Hydros Water Bottle

Hydros Waterbottle
Image: Hydros Life.

3/16 :Hydros Water Bottle

4 /16: Bando Garden Party 13-Month Planner

Bando Garden Party 13 Month Planner
Image: Bando.

4/16 :Bando Garden Party 13-Month Planner

5 /16: Bando Ultimate Planner Pack in Pearlescent

Bando Ultimate Planner Pack Pearlescent
Image: Bando.

5/16 :Bando Ultimate Planner Pack in Pearlescent

6 /16: Dormify Grass Charging Station

Dormify Grass Charging Station
Image: Dormify,

6/16 :Dormify Grass Charging Station

7 /16: Joggo Canvas Backpack in Pink

JOGGO Canvas Pink Backpack
Image: Joggo.

7/16 :Joggo Canvas Backpack in Pink

8 /16: Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag

Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag
Image: Funkins.

8/16 :Funkins Insulating Neoprene Lunch Bag

9 /16: Sharpie Art Pens

9/16 :Sharpie Art Pens

10 /16: White Euler Wall Organizer

Dormify Euler Wall Organizer
Image: Dormify.

10/16 :White Euler Wall Organizer

11 /16: Lil B Backpack

Lil B Backpack
Image: The Tot.

11/16 :Lil B Backpack

12 /16: Rifle Paper Co. To-Do List

12/16 :Rifle Paper Co. To-Do List

13 /16: Scribedelivery Box

ScribeDelivery Box
Image: Crate Joy.

13/16 :Scribedelivery Box

14 /16: 'Get to the Point' Pencil Case

Get to the Point Pencil Case
Image: Kate Spade.

14/16 :'Get to the Point' Pencil Case

15 /16: Midori Alpaca D-Clips

Alpaca Midori D-Clips
Image: Amazon.

15/16 :Midori Alpaca D-Clips

16 /16: Rainbow Holographic Backpack

16/16 :Rainbow Holographic Backpack