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These Are the Best Cloth Diapers on the Market — Here’s Why

If you’re expecting a baby, you’re likely already buying diapers to have on hand for when kiddo arrives and starts peeing and pooping like it’s their job. And while plenty of parents just stick to Pampers, there’s good reason to consider reusable cloth diapers instead of their disposable counterparts: cutting down on landfill waste (thousands of diapers! per kid!), cost (one purchase of a couple dozen cloth diapers vs. thousands of disposables), and any baby skin sensitivities.

But no matter your reason for choosing cloth, one thing is for sure: These ain’t your grandma’s diapers anymore. The “olden” days of Mom laboring over a baby with squares of simple cloth and a handful of diaper pins are, thankfully, long gone. In fact, modern cloth diapers can be pretty fancy — and almost as easy to use as a disposable (even the less-expensive varieties aren’t too hard to get the hang of). 

The downside of the cloth resurgence? There are now a ton of different brands vying for your cloth-diaper dollars, and it can feel impossible to choose. Luckily for you, we rounded up some of the most popular, user-friendly and gosh-darn cute diapers for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure. 

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