The Best Mom-&-Me Swimsuits of the Season

Now that summer weather has rolled in, whether your plans include jet-setting to Ibiza, hanging at the local YMCA or just a blowup kiddie pool in your backyard, there will likely be bathing suits involved. In fact, we're pretty sure that during the summer months, swimsuits count as clothing. And what better opportunity than beachside (or poolside or in the backyard) to do some twinning with your mini?

But seeing double doesn’t have to mean losing your personal style — or leaving your kids out of said (super-chic) style. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the best mommy-and-me swimsuits for you and your littles. The 15 suits ahead are bound to please those of you with a swimwear addiction — or who just like dressing your kids alike. (Anyone else’s parents dress them in matching outfits when they went out so as not to misplace a child? No? Just me then.) And hey, you and your newly matching swim kiddo are just in time for the Fourth of July yard party of your summer daydreams.


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