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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for July

School is out for the summer, and new adventures await parents and kids alike in July — according to The Unofficial Parenting Rules of Summer as well as astrologer Natasha Weber. This month, Weber tells SheKnows, parents can expect an emotional kickback if they’ve been feeling restrained or fenced in; you’ll likely be looking for a little more me time as well as more acknowledgement and appreciation from family and friends.

“For parents, July spotlights well-being through striking a proper balance between attending to children’s needs versus prioritizing self-care,” she explains. “If left unchecked, Mars retrograde has the potential to get under our skin and light a fire of feelings. The good news is that July’s grand trine between Jupiter, the sun and Neptune can assist in counteracting minor frustrations by focusing on life’s little blessings.”

So do just that: Count the little things, and aim to create a balance in your life between caring for your kids and yourself. And hold on tight — Weber has provided some insight for every zodiac sign as to what you (and your kids) can look forward to as July takes us on a wild ride.

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