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How 7 Parents Give Their Kids Unstructured Time

Wake up. Get dressed. Eat breakfast. School drop-off. Soccer for one kid. Gymnastics for the other. Dinner. Homework. Sleep.

If this kind of super-regimented routine sounds familiar, well, that’s no surprise. Today, children under 12 have precipitously less free time than any generation before theirs, as unstructured play and moments of respite have taken a backseat to a roster of activities that would exhaust most adults, much less young kids. In the race to be so-called “good” parents who extend every opportunity to our children, we may have inadvertently pushed aside valuable play.

The seven parents ahead have made a concerted effort to build downtime into their schedules, and while it certainly comes with its speed bumps, they’ve found it worth their while — both now and, they predict, as their children grow up. One technique may just inspire you.

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