The Best Baby Food Delivery Services

We all have the best intentions when it comes to feeding our kids. Maybe we start out promising to only serve them homemade, whole-food recipes made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients… but then, reality hits, and we find ourselves giving them peanut butter (and not the kind from Whole Foods) on a spoon straight from the jar and calling it dinner. No judgment.

Enter baby food delivery services, which make providing super-healthy meals for your little ones not only possible but easy. These industry-disrupting companies all offer fresh, wholesome alternatives to the often preservative- and sugar-laden packaged goods you’ll find on grocery store shelves and ship them directly to your door. Most will even pick the menu for you based on your baby’s age and preferences so you truly don’t have to stress over any detail regarding your child’s nutrition.

Whether you have an infant just starting solids with purées or a toddler refusing to eat his veggies, there’s a company that caters to your tot’s developing palate. Click through to see the best options out there.


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