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The Best All-in-One Craft Kits for Kids

There will come a day — rainy or otherwise — when you’re just plain desperate for something to entertain your kids. A sanity-saver, if you will. Maybe it’s a snow day or a sick day or a nanny-called-in-sick day or you’ve just heard, “I’m bored!!!” 10 million too many times and you just need half an hour of blissful silence in which to drink a cup of coffee in peace. Sound about right? Well, look no further than these all-in-one craft kits — the perfect activities to let your little one unleash their imagination and creativity and give you a much-needed break.

These kits have everything you need for a fantastic craft all in one box, so there won’t be any scrambling to find missing pieces, nor will there be any pile-everyone-into-the-car-because-we-need-five-blue-sequins-for-this-project outings. Kits like this keep kids from going stir-crazy by letting them do some hands-on crafting independently — while you “supervise” (aka nap) from the couch. We’ve gathered 10 of the coolest, craftiest kits your kids are guaranteed to adore, so clean off a shelf in your closet and get ready to stock up.

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