Surprisingly Useful Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

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When I was a kid, Father’s Day gifts were fairly impractical. I bought my father bright neon shirts emblazoned with the words “World’s Best Dad.” (One year, I made him a dried macaroni frame.) But now that you’re helping your own kid pick out a sweet Dad’s Day gift, maybe you’re looking for something a little more modern and actually practical? Well, if you are we’ve got good news: These useful Father’s Day gifts are reasonable, rational and won’t break the bank.

Yup, that’s right: None of these items will put you back more than a hundred bucks.

So before you go out and DIY a personalized Father’s Day gift like, say, a tee with your kid’s baby picture on it — which, by the way, is totally legit — save yourself some time and take a look at these chic and affordable options. They will make Dad think of his thoughtful fam every time he makes his morning coffee, takes a shower or works at his desk.