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All the Celebrities Having Babies in 2018

Celebrities get just as much attention for becoming parents as they do for… doing whatever it is they do that makes them famous (music, acting, relentless self-promotion on social media). In fact, it often seems that we love stars the most when they reveal they’re about to have a baby (Case in point: Beyoncé’s Instagram post to advertise her upcoming tour earned 3.6 million likes — 7.6 million fewer than her pregnancy announcement). 

Sure, the more cynical among us might think we love celebrity babies simply because we get to gawk at the beautiful folks getting pregnancy stretch marks and having to deal with newborn poop. But the truth is, babies are awesome. And the folks who raise them can be pretty great too.

So, if you love celebrities having babies — whether they do it via pregnancy, surrogacy or adoption — here’s the ultimate guide to which famous faces are soon going to be looking more sleep-deprived. You’re welcome.

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