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Kidstrology: Your Parenting Horoscope for June

June has finally arrived, and after a long, gloomy winter, the first day of summer is in sight. (And you thought this day would never come!) This month puts Gemini front and center, and whether or not you’re the sign of the twins, June has a double-sided energy to it. This month, we spoke to LA-based astrologer, modern mystic and holistic life coach Natalia Benson for a sneak peek into what the stars have in store for you and your kids in June 2018.

“June has this lighthearted, fun energy, but it can also be an amazing time to take a look at the way that you think and take a look at your attitudes towards how you approach things and how this affects the dynamics of your relationships,” Benson tells SheKnows. “There’s a lot of sociable energy too, so it’s a good time to get together with other kids and other parents.” 

Ahead, find out more about what the universe — and this fun and sunny month — has in store for parents in each sign.

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