Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Smash the Patriarchy

Pop Culture

Personally, I have a complicated relationship with Father’s Day (as I do with most Hallmark holidays). And I know I'm not alone here. Even for those of us who are lucky enough to have a father and/or partner with a father whom we want to celebrate, Father’s Day can elicit a wide range of difficult emotions — from estrangement to grief to longing. Oh, and it can also perpetuate heteronormative relationships and capitalist culture, so there's that. But if there’s one type of dad I’m never shy about celebrating, it’s the feminist dad. 

I mean the dad who understands that feminism asks for nothing more or less than equal fundamental rights for different sexes. I mean the dad who isn’t threatened by strong women but inspired by them. The dad who is intentional about raising kids in ways that empowers people of all genders and challenges tired stereotypes. 

So pull out your feminist fight club badge and read on for our top picks for the Father’s Day gifts that Rosie the Riveter probably gave her dad (or would have if it weren't 1942).


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