Dads Spill Their Worst Father's Day Gifts Ever

May 16, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. ET
Worst Father's Day Gifts of All Time
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Not all dads are the beer-loving, tie-wearing, golf-playing football fans so many Father's Day cards make them out to be. Of course, every dad is unique, and Father’s Day is a time to honor the dads in our lives — in all their special, weird glory. But if you're afraid your gift this year just won't measure up, don't worry. It can't possibly be as bad as the gifts ahead.

We got eight real dads to spill the beans about the worst Father's Day gifts they've ever received (just don't tell their kids, OK?). Ahead are their hilarious examples of what not to do when Father's Day Shopping — plus some fun alternatives.

Sure, we can all get a laugh from an “I love farts” mug or a Bigfoot air freshener once in a while, but let’s try to rise above the stereotypes and get a little more creative this year, shall we?

1/8 :A Fart Mug

2 /8: A Bad & Weirdly Political Drawing

A Bad & Weirdly Political Drawing
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2/8 :A Bad & Weirdly Political Drawing

3 /8: A Holiday Arrest

A Holiday Arrest
Image: Getty Images

3/8 :A Holiday Arrest

4 /8: Please Not Another Tie

Piano key necktie
Image: Amazon

4/8 :Please Not Another Tie

5 /8: A Chore-Related Gift

Cutting Wood With Chainsaw
Image: Getty Images/Kirk McCoy

5/8 :A Chore-Related Gift

6 /8: Swag From the Wrong School

Image: Getty Images

6/8 :Swag From the Wrong School

7 /8: Anything Naked

Statue of David
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7/8 :Anything Naked

8 /8: A Gift For Yourself

Ayurveda Tongue Scraper
Image: Getty Images

8/8 :A Gift For Yourself