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Road-Tripping With Kids? Here’s Where to Go

It’s almost summer, and that means it’s time to start planning the next family vacation. If you’re considering taking the kids on a road trip this summer, don’t let National Lampoon’s Vacation deter you. As long as you plan ahead, road trips can quickly turn into some of your kids’ most treasured memories. Road trips have many perks, and a major one is that you can cover more ground and see far more amazing sites than if you simply fly to one destination for a week.

As you plan out your trip, get the kids involved. Ask for their input on everything from the destination to the stops you’ll make along the way. If they get to play a role in the planning stage, they’re way more likely to embrace the experience rather than groan at the prospect of spending hours each day in the car.

But of course, some road trips are more family-friendly than others — and there are several that really have something for everyone in the family. If you’re road-tripping with kids this year, here’s where to go to make sure everyone has a much better time than the Griswolds did.

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