6 Outstanding Picture Books Starring Girls of Color

There is wonderful variety in humanity — in languages, traditions, cultures and beauties. The upsides to living amid diversity are many; when we play and work with people of different backgrounds and perspectives, we do challenging mental work that enhances creativity. We become, in effect, smarter.

Regardless of our kids' own heritage or the diversity of our own neighborhood, we can positively introduce children to diverse stories through picture books. For children of color, who bear unequal stresses from racism, reading about characters who look like them can be inspiring and motivating. And for all children, reading about kids who don’t look like them can foster social and emotional intelligence and expand their worldview.  

Ahead, we’ve rounded up six picture books featuring modern, memorable girls of color, each of different heritage. Combining great illustration with classic themes like love, growth and possibility, these are excellent books to read to children of all backgrounds. Because if there's one thing this world needs, it's more powerful, smart little girls.


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