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10 Kids TV Shows That Moms Love Too

Hey, there. Do you need a parenting break? Maybe you need to wash your hair or answer some emails or wash the same load of laundry for the second or third time (no judgment — we all forget) or drink a cup of coffee that’s actually still hot. Face it: You need to distract some kids, preferably with something that will hold their attention for longer than 30 seconds. 

For many parents, this means putting on a kid-friendly TV show — and there’s nothing wrong with that (well, unless that kid is a baby). But many of the available TV options, while totally engrossing for a 3-year-old, are kind of… well, mind-numbing for everyone else. Sure, you don’t have to park yourself in front of the TV to watch, but they’re still playing in the background and infiltrating your (and any older kids’) lives with all their boring, grating, annoying glory —  and now you’ve got that awful theme song stuck in your head too. 

What’s a mom to do? For starters, put on one of these quality shows instead. They’re so good, you won’t have to feel guilty about letting your kids watch “just one more” episode — or about plunking down on the couch to watch one along with them.

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