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The Weirdest Breastfeeding Gadgets, Explained

Breastfeeding can be a tricky beast for many new parents. After all, if this is your first time around, you’ve likely never used your boobs to nourish another human before — and the process can be somewhat painful, truly frustrating and downright time-consuming (definitely that last one). Add pumping into the mix, and you’re faced with even more potential pitfalls. And while correcting issues with latch, tongue tie or supply can work wonders — as can binge-watching Netflix — there are also plenty of breastfeeding-related gadgets available to help you out.

All the new products ahead are designed to ease nursing and make life a little easier for those in milk-production mode. But what the heck do all these weird boob gizmos do? Do you actually need any of these pumps and flaps and purple pearl-filled pouches? Well, in our opinion, anything that might provide a little relief during an arduous breastfeeding journey is worth a try. So, from charcoal-infused nursing tanks to a Wi-Fi-enabled pump to a milk-catching contraption to something that definitely looks like a sex toy, here are all the latest breastfeeding gadgets, demystified.

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